Water activities

Discover the allure of water activities in the enchanting Gilis! Immerse yourself in the pristine turquoise waters and vibrant marine life of this captivating archipelago. Whether diving, snorkeling, paddling, or seeking thrilling adventures, the Gilis offer a variety of aquatic experiences to suit every taste. Explore the underwater world, soak up the beauty of coral reefs, and encounter fascinating sea creatures. Unleash your sense of adventure and create lasting memories in the Gilis' aquatic playground.

Land activities

Uncover a world of on-land delights in the mesmerizing Gilis! Indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments, unlock your culinary skills with cooking classes, embark on horseback adventures, find serenity through yoga sessions, stay active at the gym, or embark on day trips to the nearby island of Lombok. From pampering to exploration, the Gilis offer a diverse range of on-land activities to cater to your every desire. Immerse yourself in the island's charm and create unforgettable moments during your stay.